Extractions & Space Maintainers


Occasionally a baby tooth will not come out by itself and we have to remove this tooth for your child. We always try to restore baby teeth with fillings or crowns when that is an option but sometimes a baby tooth is not able to be restored due to advanced decay and infection or due to trauma from an injury, in those situations we have to remove the tooth. The procedure is similar to a filling or crown but instead of restoring the tooth we remove the tooth. 

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are used when children have lost their primary teeth prematurely, sometimes this occurs naturally with a tooth that fell out or never came in. If a tooth that is not restorable is extracted and the permanent tooth will not come in soon this appliance must be used to hold the space. The space from the missing tooth can creates shifting of the adjacent teeth, or even prevent the permanent teeth from erupting normally. Space maintainers are custom dental appliances made of  metal and act as place holders. They are made in a dental laboratory and  cemented on adjacent healthy teeth to hold the space and allow for natural tooth eruption.