Scheduling with The Children’s Dentist of Allen is by appointment only, we try our best to accommodate parents and patients schedules. Our scheduling team will work with you on days and times that work best for your child. We will offer extended hours and weekend hours in the near future.

First visits usually consist of 1 hour and are detailed and comprehensive as this is establishing a bond we hope your child will have for life as we establish their dental home. Even if your child is familiar with going to the dentist we want the opportunity to create a positive dental relationship here.

Treatment visits are customized for your child and their dental needs so appointment times may vary, typically treatment can be accomplished within an hour or slightly longer but we allocate based on your child’s type of service needed.

For emergency situation, we will make every attempt to see your child as soon as possible. We try our best to stay on time and minimize your wait but due to the fact that we provide many services and each child’s circumstances are different this can affect the length of time needed and some delays may arise, we appreciate your understanding and patience as we would do the same for your child.

Sedation Scheduling

Due to state mandated sedation concerns we have strict policy for any treatment that your child may receive while sedated. We require 1 adult per child, if you plan to bring a sibling to your child’s sedation appointment you will have to have another adult to care for that child as our patient that is sedated will be your primary focus. You are also not allowed to leave the building while your child is sedated, this includes pre-sedation, during treatment and post sedation. The doctor will discuss with you the best option for your involvement in or out of the treatment room at the time she examines your child, their behavior and the safety involved in your child’s dental care needs. All details will be reviewed with you in advance of scheduling.